Thank you for visiting my website. I am currently out of the office on Maternity Leave as of March 20, 2016. I hope to return to work in the Fall of 2016 if everything goes well with the baby :)

In the meantime, please feel free to contact any of the following clinics, as their doctors are helping my patients out while I am away.

Dr. Mike Caione, Dr. Ryan Hoover @ Back and Body Health  (Clinic is next door to my office)

Dr. Christine Martinovich @ Mayfair Chiropractic (SW near Elbow Dr and Glenmore)

Clinic Address: Suite 209, 6707 Elbow Dr                             Clinic Number: 403-259-4443

Dr. Brian Boisvert @ Adjust Your Health North (Clinic is located in Royal Oak in the NW)

Dr. Colby Leong @ Prairie Therapy (Downtown Calgary; 17th Ave/10th St)